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Powerful Pocket Orgasm Challenge

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We love this challenge it's great for him or her. Take your ability to cum with you wherever you may go.  

Here's your solo challenge: This is for guys and girls, although this is a clitoral vibrator guys you can have a major frenulum orgasm that will blow your mind!

Novice: it's simple, get this tiny powerful vibrator, select the desired attachment, breathe deeply and see how many orgasms you can achieve in 30minutes. Set a timer, set the mood and set the time aside to make this happen.

Intermediate: Take it to the next level. Here's where it gets fun....Let's move this outside... Take your pocket device on the road, we'll start with walking, head out with this little beast in your pocket and get busy. Find a busy place and see if you can cum without anyone noticing. You're fully clothed and trying to walk continuously.

Advanced: This is a bit too much for the internet, but we can say we'll show you how to play nice with others!