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Dirty Fun Box! Couples "Guys" (Quarterly Subscription)

Dirty Fun Box! Couples "Guys" (Quarterly Subscription)

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This is it!....Our Quarterly box that helps you Subscribe to a Sexier Lifestyle...

You'll get 4 deliveries per year that will take you through a journey of self exploration alone or with your partner (or partners!)

We send you a beautiful box with a hand selection of sexy/kinky items that will keep you in a Dirty Fun Mood!

Along with our Dirty Fun Box items you're given exciting challenges you can use to push your sexual limits in a Dirty Fun Way!  These challenges will be progressive starting you at your own level of comfort but will get more exciting and challenging as you learn more about yourself and your desires.

We are here to promote a positive safe Sex Culture and to "get you off" of your dull routine.

What's in the Box? It will change over time, but to start it will be some of the following items and tasks:

Toys/Lubes (every single month): Toys for all, to be used on yourself or with a partner! The "Him" box will focus more on toys for him. The "Her box will be more for her" If you have other gender identity/sexual preference specific wants/needs let's chat!

Samples and discounts: from like minded groups and companies that want us to play dirty with them. 

Skill training: Building your sex skills with guided tutorials, things like g-spot training, deepthroating, masturbation and oral techniques.

Books: Erotic reads, Dirty Fun books that will help you discover new kinks that you can try out on your journey

Challenges based on your skill levels We have monthly challenges each month for Novices, Advanced and Expert Skill levels. We don't want to send you into a full on suspended bondage masterbation multiorgasmic skill if you've never been spanked.

Sexy health and wellness tips: We believe firmly that enjoying sex with yourself or with partners requires a level of health and wellness and for many we could use some advice. We team up with physical therapists/Nutritional Specialists/exercise science gurus and sexual wellness experts to not only keep you safe, but to enhance your entire sexual experience.


Here's your first set of Challenges:

"Subscribe to a Sexier Lifestyle"- Explore your desires with this great monthly delivery.  Sign up with the discount code Legacy100 and you'll get a great 25% discoun (first 100 subscribers only) as well as some insider perks for being brave enough to accept the challenge and get on your way to Dirty Fun!

Friend us (Dirty Fun Box) on Pornhub, make an account for yourself and have your significant other(s) do the same.

Follow us on instagram and facebook and send us a quick sample of your sexual skill level so we can get to know your Kinky side.

We hope to see much more of you!

-The DFB team